What is The Car Wash Clinic?

The Car Wash Clinic is a dream come true for its owners and management.  Forty-three years ago we decided to build the most beautiful car wash in Dallas. The owners have put over forty-three years of carwash experience into making The Car Wash Clinic a truly unique business. The Car Wash Clinic is an exciting new way to wash your vehicle. We’re more than just another car wash; we’re a “state of the art” car cleaning center and a great experience! We have spared no expense to provide our customers and their vehicles with the best equipment and care car technicians. We believe we can make a difference so we reclaim our water, used oil and old brake linings to continue to strive to go “Green” in the best interest of our community.

We simply believe in providing everyone with a great service at an affordable price leaving you satisfied. After all, isn’t that what you want? Well we will do more than that… We Guarantee It! Our guarantee is simple. You must be satisfied or we’ll re-wash your car, FREE! Our employees are recruited and trained in the ways of the most successful retail businesses in the country.



Our mission is to create lifetime customers by delivering a clean, fast, friendly experience through engaged and valued team members.